Supplements to improve height

Some supplements are advertised as improving height, however their effectiveness is not proven. Since being short is a disadvantage, many try these supplements

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Open discrimination against short people in India and goa

A short person is expected to play second fiddle to a lazy incompetent dishonest person, who is taller, just because of the prejudice against short people. This can be extremely unfair to a person who has worked hard for his or her career and experience, and a waste of resources .

However the security and intelligence agency officials are extremely powerful and an ordinary citizen will find it difficult to fight the system. A person who is obese or overweight and not good looking can become slimmer and better looking after some time , making the necessary improvement, however the height of a person remains difficult to increase after the person has become an adult.

So a person who is short, largely because of hereditary factors, should be aware of the limitations he or she will face in a corporate career in a large company, and take the necessary steps to prevent frustration in a world where being tall is regarded as a sign of “leadership”. Products and guides to make children and other people taller continue to be in demand.