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Compared to a few decades ago, increasingly the career of a person both in Asia and elsewhere depends on the body and face of a person, how tall, goodlooking and slim the person is and less on the competence, honesty and work ethic of the individual. These rules are generally formulated officials who wish to make rules which will be favorable to their relatives and friends, who may not be otherwise suitable, yet get an unfair advantage due to factors which are largely beyond their control.

While large established corporates are quite explicit in specifying that only tall people will reach the higher management levels especially in western countries and India to a large extent, there are some exceptions. In these corporates shorter individuals are usually bypassed for promotions though they may be far better in terms of competence, work ethic and experience compared to a taller, better looking and more charming person,who is getting the promotion. A director of a company was telling his ex colleague, how shorter people were being overlooked mainly because of their height. However in case of entrepreneurs till a few decades ago, height did not matter much in India. For example the Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal is not very tall. Probably the most famous short entrepreneur in the world is the Chinese founder of Alibaba,the Chinese trade portal, Jack Ma who is less than 5 feet 5 inch tall. However increasingly the security and intelligence agencies in India are refusing to acknowledge an entrepreneur just because he or she is not very tall, which can be a waste of resources.

The problem is worst in the indian internet sector, where allegedly 8-10 lazy greedy mediocre fraud google, tata sponsored R&AW/CBI/intelligence agency employees are falsely claiming to own the investment and have the resume of India's largest female domain investor, a single woman obc engineer, who is shorter than these fraud intelligence employees. Though these fraud intelligence employees are not spending any money on domain names, because of the extreme prejudice of intelligence and security agency officials against short people, they are getting away with their fraud and getting a monthly salary.

This again highlighted the problem faced by short people in getting the highly coveted government jobs in India. According to multiple sources, for government jobs generally taller people are selected in India and this has resulted in enterprising authors writing books on how to become taller, focussing specifically on those who are interested in getting a government job. In these books, the authors are openly specifying that short people are discriminated against for government jobs.

In 2015- 2016, the prejudice and open discrimination against short people in states like goa has become so strong, that well connected short young people who are aware of the open discrimination against short people are preferring to migrate to another country, where discrimination laws are stricter. Even in some other states like Maharashtra the discrimination against short individuals is not very severe like in goa, where officials are openly making a mockery of a person because of his or her height.

A short person is expected to play second fiddle to a lazy incompetent dishonest person, who is taller, just because of the prejudice against short people. This can be extremely unfair to a person who has worked hard for his or her career and experience, and a waste of resources . However the security and intelligence agency officials are extremely powerful and an ordinary citizen will find it difficult to fight the system. A person who is obese or overweight and not good looking can become slimmer and better looking after some time , making the necessary improvement, however the height of a person remains difficult to increase after the person has become an adult.

So a person who is short, largely because of hereditary factors, should be aware of the limitations he or she will face in a corporate career in a large company, and take the necessary steps to prevent frustration in a world where being tall is regarded as a sign of "leadership". Products and guides to make children and other people taller continue to be in demand.

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