Short people not considered for government jobs in India

A problem faced by short people is getting the highly coveted government jobs in India. According to multiple sources, for government jobs generally taller people are selected in India and this has resulted in enterprising authors writing books on how to become taller, focussing specifically on those who are interested in getting a government job. In these books, the authors are openly specifying that short people are discriminated against for government jobs.

In 2015- 2016, the prejudice and open discrimination against short people in states like goa has become so strong, that well connected short young people who are aware of the open discrimination against short people are preferring to migrate to another country, where discrimination laws are stricter.

Even in some other states like Maharashtra the discrimination against short individuals is not very severe like in goa, where officials are openly making a mockery of a person because of his or her height. Shivaji, the most famous Maratha king was not very tall, so the discrimination in Maharashtra is not very severe unlike goa.,