Discrimination against shorter, ugly people leading to banking and other frauds

Earlier the character of the person, honesty, hard work, personal ethics, experience of a person were important while selecting the person for a job,however in 2018, the indian government, intelligence, security agencies especially in panaji,goa are openly discriminating against men and women who are short, openly ridiculing them.

All important positions in indian intelligence and security agencies are reserved for taller men and women, though they are dishonest frauds, liars, lazy , inexperienced, often with fake resumes, stolen from another indian citizen.

So when the main qualification for a government job is the height and appearance,not the experience and competence of the person, banking frauds like the Rs 12600 crore PNB banking fraud are likely because the government itself is involved in a major banking fraud, falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored lazy fraud sex worker, cheater housewife and other fraud R&AW/cbi employees who have never made any money online, are online experts, owning the bank account of a private citizen