Short people used for stalking domain investor

In Maharashtra most people are not very brazen in harassing,mocking short people,however in goa,they are shameless as they have no manners and being politically incorrect, does not invite any kind of social censure. However in the corporate world discrimination continues.

In goa, though some people face discrimination and harassment brazenly and openly they rarely have the courage and unity, leaders to fight against those committing the atrocities, unlike other states in India, where atrocities are no longer tolerated. Only the church is protesting against the atrocities. For example only in goa, are the top officials shameless frauds and liars, making fake claims about bank account ownership, because the google competitor is not living all the time in the address which she has provided.

The google competitor has noticed that increasingly short people are being used for stalking the google competitor,. for example if she will order any food from outside the person delivering the food will be short.