Now fairskinnned short bespectacled gujju young woman, ca’s daughter faking writing

Goa is not considered one of the better states for doing business because the top intelligence and security agency employees are some of greatest FRAUDSTERS AND LIARS in the world beating the nigerian fraudsters in their banking online fraud
Joining the long list of goan and gujju fraudsters in goa, who are faking ownership of a paypal account, is the Gujju ca’s fairskinnned short LAZY LIAR bespectacled daughter is latest panaji FRAUD WRITER, BANKING FRAUDSTER on a black scooter 1983 , who is falsely claiming to own the paypal, bank account of the domain investor to get great powers, allegedly supported by google, tata
The domain investor got the hint that some fraud was taking place, because suddenly the female started waving, when earlier she would never show any sign of recognition.

The lazy greedy gujju young gujju fraudsters, goa’s deepika is least interested in doing any work at all, relies on powerful fraud LIAR gujju officials to make fake claims and get her powers, privileges at the expense of the engineer who is actually doing the work, spending many hours. For 9 years the cunning shameless gujju fraudsters led by parmar have criminally defamed the writer.

Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Maharashtra will acknowledge the writer who is spending time writing for many hours daily only Goa government continues its fraud on hardworking writers with security and intelligence employees criminally defaming them and falsely giving lazy greedy frauds like the young gujju, goa fraudsters, who do not do any work credit and salaries. Details of the iwriter account of writers from these states can be provided

Bank details will legally expose the latest gujju WRITING, BANKING FRAUD in panaji, goa. Kindly note that no gujju is associated in any way, with the domain investor and her iwriter account which has more than 140 articles completed monthly, though powerful LIAR gujju officials are making fake claims and defaming the writer, circulating photoshopped videos and photos.