What is the Best Security?

I was talking to one of my friends about her plans after she graduated and she told me that she was going to be moving to the big city, I told her that I would get her a hd cctv camera so that she could keep track of her new house when she was not home. I was worried about her because I am from the biggest city in the country and I know that she is going to a city much smaller but she still has a small town mind, where she thinks that you can trust everyone. I told her that she was going to go and trust everyone and that she could find that she would get into a lot of trouble with that. I know that she dated a guy for two weeks and let him borrow one thousand dollars but she said that he would never call her back after she gave him the money and his phone was turned off.

I did not want her to think that she could not do it, but I wanted her to know that she could not trust everyone that she meets, and that she was going to have to have at least two deadbolts on her door with an emergency window treatment to make sure that there would not be a person who could get into her new place if she had something like a fire escape outside of her window. I always wanted to tell people who also move into the city to make sure that their building has an emergency evacuation plan and to practice in case there was a fire or some other type of emergency, it could be a really big problem if you do not know where to go in the case of an emergency.

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