I Have a Good Job Now

I have been fairly happy in my new job, but it is really tough some days. I am working for a major delivery company and they pay pretty well. However you are working pretty hard if you have a route like mine and the hours are long. I started out when I was in high school, although I was 18 by the time they hired me. At first all I did was wash the trucks and clean them up. At any rate I had to see a Salinas Chiropractor the other day, because I started to get some nagging pain and I figured out that it had to be resolved. The chiropractor says that one of the vertebra in my spine was in the wrong place, or really several of them. At any rate I got a bit nervous when I realized how he was going to fix that problem. It was not something that I had thought too much about and I really should have in hindsight.

If you think about what is going to happen then this stuff is really quite scary and it makes you think that you should know a lot more about the chiropractor than I did at the time. I was not really going in there thinking that it was a big deal, but if this guy messes up, then you are in a great deal of trouble. This guy I know at work says that you can die, but when I looked it up that seems to be from letting one of them play around with your neck. That really seems like a much more serious thing to think about, it is real obvious that the neck is a vulnerable place and that you do not necessarily want some random guy moving the bones in it around.

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